How to Get a Quote on Car Insurance for Free without Giving ID

Many people want get a quote on car insurance for free but they don’t want to give their personal ID for the reason of safety. Based on the data made on the study of Garner Institute in 2006, there are about 28.5 people that became victims of identity theft in every minute. It shows that you may not give your identity to strangers so that you will not become the next victim. However, most car insurance quotes always ask personal information before someone getting the quotes accurately. But you shouldn’t always give the information out to get the quotes you need.
You can Refuse Giving Your ID
When a car insurance agent ask you to give your personal information in details and sensitively, you can say no and refuse to give it. Tell him that it makes you uncomfortable and let the agent figure out it. Since the agents are professionals, they can work in internal systems so that they can give you the car insurance quote.
Only Find the General Quote
It is also another good tip to get a quote on car insurance without any personal information. The general quote is commonly based on the people in same car type and demographics. This insurance quote may be not very accurate, but you will know the premium type to pay.
Giving Hidden Information
If you need the car insurance quote in more details, you can give the personal information that is slightly altered. For example, by changing your last name, taking off two years of your date of birth, using another street address, etc. It will still enable you to get the car insurance quote.
Only Giving Your Zip Code
When you are looking or a car insurance quote, your zip code will be needed much to determine the premium. Tell the insurance agent that you only want to give your zip code to get the car insurance quote. 
Finding Car Insurance Quotes Online
It is a fast way to get a quote on car insurance online and you can choose a trustworthy car insurance company websites to find the quotes. A reliable company commonly asks limited information to provide car insurance quotes for their potential customers.
Ask a Neighbor
It is also a good idea to ask a neighbor about his rates of car insurance. Your neighbor may have different type of car from yours and having many speeding tickets, but the insurance premiums of yours will nearly the same. So you will have an expectation of how much to pay to a local car insurance company.

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