Tips to stay beautiful, healthy and youthful

This time,I will give you some Tips to keep More beauty, health to look youthful,
In the article this time, I will write about Tips to stay beautiful, healthy and youthful

5 Tips to stay beautiful, healthy and youthful

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Stay beautiful, healthy and youthful is the needs of everyone, especially the women.No doubt they are much-pursued beauty products to fulfill them. Unfortunately, not many of them are aware that health is more important than all of that. Not many are aware that by keeping the body stay healthy then its own beauty will follow. Freshness and body fitness are reflected in the healthy bodies can eliminate the wrinkles on the face and around the body

Here are 5 tips to stay beautiful, healthy and youthful:

1. Always Keep Clean.

Maintain the cleanliness not only prevent ourselves from diseases, but also keep the saucy and beautiful. Cleanliness can be started from the body by way of bathing regularly at least 2 times a day, then the environment. A clean environment is an environment free from pollution in the form of free radicals, cigarette smoke, fumes of motor vehicles, etc.

2. Avid Sports.

Regular exercise can keep fit and prevent obesity.

3. Enough Rest:

Take a break at least 5 hours per day. Try to rest at night between the hours of 22.00-04.00. Between these hours is to break the most effective disposal process caused toxins naturally takes place between these hours. In addition, turn off all the lights. Sleep in the dark will stimulate gland hormone-producing melatonin finial. Melatonin hormone is a hormone which has the effect of calming naturally where the whole body becomes relaxed.

4. A healthy diet.

Eat regularly with a balanced nutritional intake makes the need of nutrients in the body would be sure, nothing more nothing less. If excess body will naturally regulate the absorption in the body. But not everyone has a normal body, especially above 30 years. Excess fat will be stored under the skin so as to make the Agency increasingly fatter.

5. Maintaining Healthy Skin.

Healthy skin for women is a basic requirement. Healthy skin for those with identical beauty, especially in the face. Maintaining healthy skin can be done by means of:

  • Protects the skin from direct exposure to the Sun. This does not mean you should not hit the sunlight. We know that the Sun is the source of life. Without the Sun living beings could not survive. We need to do is we need to know when where sunburn is not harmful to the body, you can soak up the Sun in the morning to get the benefits of sunlight directly. The rest you have to use a sun protection Cream, because at the moment the sunlight seared can accelerate the aging process and onset of the spots on the skin. Unfortunately still use Sun protection Cream SPF, namely one chemicals even in reasonable usage is said to be harmless, actually had a potential cause of cancer. United Kingdom-speaking Online media like optiderma [dot] com, onemedical [dot] som, simplyfantasticbooks [dot] som has been providing information for SPF danger.

  • To prevent the potential for AGEs. The Group ages is Advanced Glycation End Product is the result of a chain reaction of kimiaglikasi (glycation is the bonds of glucose kemolekul in protein or fat without going through the process of controlling the enzyme). Ages are derived from two sources, namely the food we eat and the internal production in the body. If we eat foods with high sugar levels (Glycemic index/index of Glycation is high), then these indications may appear. Almost all blood sugar we give our body needs energy. However, a small number of our blood sugar forming Advanced Glycation End products(AGEs). Even the phenomenon of formation of AGEs is also produced from non enzymatic starting from Hyperglycemia in which glucose can react with free amino acidsand forming AGEs. An increase in the AGEs in the blood will damage due to intracellular protein structure and annoy ekstrasel like collagen. In the long run, this hoarding will damage the basal membrane and mesanginum which will eventually damage the glomerulus (kidney). Even other diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, type II diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, visual disturbances, kidney disorders, Stroke, skin disorders can arise due to AGEs. Traits if very high levels of AGEs is, wrinkled and shiny if hit by reflected light.

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