The Factors that will affect the Cost of Car Insurance

The Factors that will affect the Cost of Car InsuranceHow much is car insurance? There is no definite answer to that question since there are several factors that have to be considered and each factors are different from one car to the other. Those several factors include:

Basic demographics

Basic demographics like age, sex, marital status and location will affect the insurance cost. Young drivers will have higher price than the old drivers since they tend to drive recklessly. The male drivers and unmarried individuals will have higher price than female drivers and married individuals. The densely populated areas and the areas that are liable to natural disaster will get higher premium than the other areas. 

The car values

The car value will absolutely affect your insurance rates. The sport cars have expensive rates than family car. Just like the new cars have higher rates than the old cars. While for the cars with extensive protection like car alarm, tracking device or any other safety equipment they will get lower price for the premium.

The way you drive

If you have been a good driver which means you never get speeding ticket or drive over the limit speed, you will get significant discount for your insurance rates. 

The credit score

The statistic said the individuals with good credit score are less likely to file a claim and individuals with poor credit score are more likely to file a claim. That is why you better maintain your credit score or otherwise you have to pay an expensive price. 

The driving habits

If you have habit to use your car to work or business trip, it is likely you will get higher price. It is because you have the long annual mileage and you have greater risk of getting crash. You also have to pay more if you have habit parking your car on the street and not in the garage since your car have greater risk of getting broken because of weather or lost because of theft. 

The type and amount of coverage you agreed to pay

If you agree to pay high deductible, you will get lower price for premium rates. But of course, you have to make sure that you have the amount of money that is equal to the deductible price available in your pocket. You may also check the thorough list of condition that will be covered by your insurance. Some of condition may not compatible with your individual situation so you may skip them from your insurance. The less list you get, the less price you have to pay. Those are several factors that may affect the answer of your question, how much is car insurance? Hope it helps you find the best car insurance. Good luck!

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