How to Get Car Insurance for Women Now

How to Get Car Insurance for Women Now
Car insurance for women used to be cheaper than that for men, though it doesn’t seem to be the case now. It was, and actually is, believed that women drive more safely and make claims less frequently than men do. Based on this rationale, which was strongly supported by established statistical data, insurance companies were quite eager to offer cheaper insurance to female drivers. Today, however, since the EU Gender Directive ruling has made it illegal for insurance companies to put special tags on their policies based on gender, women have to pay the same amount of money with that paid by men when they want to buy car insurance. It seems that not all efforts to emancipate women are good for them, right?
Car Insurance for Women Then
In the past, female motorists could enjoy up to 50% discount on premiums that they have to pay for their car insurance. This rule had its strong base on statistical data that showed that men were more prone to being involved in accidents and traffic law violations than women. Female motorists also made claims much less frequently than their male counterparts did. And if they indeed made claim, the claim was mostly about trivial incidents that were cheap to compensate for and very rarely about major accidents with skyrocketing settlement. This became the rationale for insurance companies to grant them a special discount when buying a car insurance policy.
Now we are going to look at the statistics to demonstrate that the proof that it exposes is actually very convincing. In the United Kingdom alone, the rate of traffic law violations committed by men is recorded at the staggering 92% of all recorded convictions. The statistics shows even more worrying fact as it also records that male motorists account for 98% of all dangerous driving convictions. We can see a clear picture here why most insurers were quite generous when it comes to serving female clients.
How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Women Now
The European Court of Justice’s ruling doesn’t mean an end to women’s access to enjoy cheaper car insurance policy. Although the massive discount is something of the past, the chance to get cheaper car insurance is not entirely closed for women, especially because the rationale of cheap insurance for women still applies today. As a female motorist, you can get cheaper policy if you can show that you are a careful driver with clean driving records and moderate annual mileage. You can also buy cheap car insurance for women if you are above 25, your car is not problematic, you don’t modify it, and you equip it with proper safety and security systems.

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