Average Car Insurance Rates: Compare by Ratings

average car insurance rates.Average Car Insurance Rates Compare by RatingsAverage car insurance rates are very useful for people who want to start their investment on car insurance. The rates will help them to find the most suitable car insurance to choose. People can get a lot of information related to car insurance companies’ performances. Therefore, they can compare the performances through the rates. By comparing the rates, they can decide which company is more appropriate. The rates also help people to see the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. There are 7 companies to assess, such as Progressive, Travelers, State Farm, Amica, Country Financial, GEICO, and Auto-Owners. Here are some rates of the most favourable car insurance companies based on the affordability rating, customer service rating, financial strength rating, and overall performance.
Affordability Rates
Progressive car insurance has got a good rate for its performance. Based on the reviewers this company has great online service in providing information. This company’s issuance is also directed promptly.  It has 4 out of 5 points for affordability. The same point of affordability is also gained by Travelers, State Farm, Amica, Country Financial, and Auto-Owners. GEICO insurance company has the best point in affordability; it is 5 out of 5.
Customer Service Rates
Customer service rates depend on the assessment of customer service performance. It is also based on the satisfactions of the consumers when they talk to the customer service officer. Amica and Country Financial car insurance has the highest point among the other five. Amica and Country Financial gain 5 out of 5 points for the customer service performance while the others get 4 points.
Financial Strength Rates
Financial strength is related to how the companies are able to save the customers money and how much deposit to run the companies is. All of the seven companies reviewed have got the perfect points on this. The all gain 5 out of 5 stars for the rating.
Overall Performance
Overall performance depends on the customers’ satisfaction of all services, including the discount they get and other benefits and policies. Here are the percentages of the overall performance:
-       Progressive: 93%
-       Travelers: 87%
-       State Farm: 97%
-       Amica: 97%
-       Country Financial: 95%
-       GEICO: 96%
-       Auto-Owners: 95%
Those are some information about ratings of car insurance. The review is based on the experiences of the customers. You can also come to each company to get the benefits offered, but it won’t save your time. It is better to ask your friends who are using the services of the companies. However, one simple way to get to know with car insurance companies is though average car insurance rates.

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