5 this food turns can decrease brain performance

Tips for healthy and Beautiful-Good seeds, blueberries, and green tea, the food has been known to improve brain performance improved. However, there are also studies that show that there are some foods that turns out to have negative influences especially the organ performance fields. Here are 5 foods that can degrade the performance of the brain.
Illustration of brain performance via alternet.org

1. Agave

What is Agave? Agave is a sweetener that contains high amounts of fructose. That is why the sweetness of agave can exceed the granulated sugar. However, due to the high number of fruktosanya it in fact give bad influence, namely the decrease in brain function.
The study was done at the University of California, Los Angeles revealed that mice fed a food with high fructose levels make it run slower and the ability to remember itever being lower when compared to mice fed omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Tuna

Who the hell is not familiar with the healthy foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids? But,did you know that these fish turned out to contain the heavy metals mercury is not good for health. A study suggests that people who consume a lot of fish that contain a lot of mercury has high levels of mercury in the blood stream. Preferably, the consumption of seafood that is low in mercury would like his stuff, white fish, sardinesor salmon.

3. egg white Omelette

The egg white is indeed rich in protein, but if you do not consume eggs yellow it will make you lose the most important nutrients, i.e. the kolin. The American Journal ofClinical Nutrition revealed that adults who eat a lot of kolin in his diet have visual and verbal ability are better in memory tests when compared to those with less consume kolin.

4. Biscuits and crisps

A study has been carried out against those who consume unhealthy snacks is more than three times in a week. Unhealthy snacks include sweets, biscuits and crisps. The result of the study is that they consume unhealthy snacks experience a decline in cognitive ability, lack of concentration, and lack of attention.

5. microwave Popcorn

Apparently this one food contains trans fat amounts. The fat content is dangerous because it can increase the heart against layers and inflammation in blood vessels. Not only that, the trans fat content is also bad for the brain.

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