You can Do a Budget Travelling with or without a Travel Agent

Those who love travelling will be very happy if they can travel especially around the world cheaply. Many travel agents are available to offer you budget trips, but if you really are broke, you even can travel with really small money. Take a look at the tips below.
Things to consider for budget trips:
·         For the airline ticket, you have to search it in the website of companies offering cheaper prices.
·         To have a cheap trip, buy a package tour from travel agents. You won’t get headache to manage your limited budget for travelling.
·         For accommodation, you can find cheap inns with rooms shared with other travelers.
·         For transportation in the place you visit, you can use public transportation, and if you travel with groups, you can find car rentals and find the one affordable for you and your group. It’s cheaper since you will share the price, not to mention the comfort you will get to be with people you know only.
·         Find many interesting places that are free of charges. Not all beautiful places that can be visited by tourists charge fees, so take an advantage of it. Take as many pictures as possible.
·         Find places for buying gifts with cheap price. Traditional markets are usually offer things related with the place you visit with reasonable price.
·         It is a must to search for local eating places offering cheap foods. Almost all places in the world have places to have meals with reasonable price. So, don’t worry, you will always be able to find cheap eating places wherever you are. Stalls ad carts are always available.
·         Be a member of travelling community since you can stay at his or her place for free. Find out the members living in the place you visit and contact him or her.
·         Don’t travel too long.
There are many ways if you want to travel with thin wallet or even empty. There many easy ways to travel. Here are the ways:
·         Rent your house to the travelers and make an advertisement in internet for free, you also can swap your house with the members from the travelling community you belong to. You can swap yours with his or hers possibly in holidays because both of you will spend your holiday.
·         Work for a cruise ship.
·         Try your best to get a scholarship. If you are a scholar living in another country or place, you will be easy to travel to tourist spots there.
·         Organize a tour. If you are good in persuading your friends to travel with you and charge them with the price that makes you travel for free, do it.
Are you ready to travel with small money or even with empty wallet? Make friends with many people in your country and with many people from other countries. Be a member of local and international travelling community as well. Good Luck!

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