Time When Travel Agent Not Needed

The existence of travel agent can be seen easily in many big cities and people can make sure that with more needs for travelling, it seems like travel agent becomes one help which is very useful. People usually do not have too much time which can be spent for gathering information for their travelling vacation so they just entrust the travel agent to handle their travelling plan. They do not have to worry about every single thing they need for enjoying their traveling. However, it does not mean that travel agent help can be used anytime. There can be a time when people do not need to use the help from the travel agent.

Booking Flight Only
The biggest reason why people use the help from travel agent is because they want to get the practical way for enjoying their travelling. Travel agent will handle every single thing from the flight to accommodation. However, there can be a time when people travel with purpose for visiting family or friend in the destination. In other words, they will not need accommodation. They only need to book the flight and they do not need to use the travel agent help for this purpose. They can find the best deal easily online.

Using Miles
Some people want to book hotel or flight by using the points or miles as reward. However, this condition will not happen if people use the travel agent support. There is no way the travel agent will use the miles or points for booking the hotel or flight for them. Some sites will not receive the book with miles or flights as well. That is why if people want to use the miles or points, they have to book directly through the company site that gives them the miles or points. There is no point for using the travel agent in this circumstance.

Great Deal Online
With the internet era which can be found these days, there is no doubt that there must competition between online booking and using travel agent support. Using travel agent can be avoided if people find the great deal on the internet. There are some great travel deals which can be found in some sites after all. However, people have to remind that with the travel deal, it means that they have to be flexible with the dates for their traveling plan. They must not forget that there are also dates of expiration.

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