Things to Know about a Travel Agent to Make You Smart Travelers

What comes to your mind when you have to travel especially if you have to travel with the whole family members? Your answers are probably means of transportation to choose, the type of accommodation to stay at, the activities you will do, the places you will visit, the food to have, the clothes you will have to wear in a certain place with a certain season, etc. What comes to your mind when you have to choose a travel agent? Probably you will have answers such as, itinerary, tour leaders, interesting places they offer, the activities they arrange, etc. Well, actually there are other things about a travel agent you should know. It is very important to know for you to be a smart traveler.
Some other important things you need to know about a travel agent:
·         A travel agent works for commission. It is the right of a travel agent to work for commission, however you have to be really careful if you think that the travel agent you deal with is too pushy about something, for example about a certain destination. The travel agent must be in a competition with his or her colleagues to have bonuses. Well, it is up to you to say yes or no, one thing for sure is your financial condition. If you don’t want to end up in flat broke or credit card debts, then you have to be really careful. Stick to your plan to spend your holiday even if you have to use a travel agent. It is fine with a travel agent if you say no to his or her offers.
·         A travel agent probably doesn’t know anything about the things they offer. For example, if he or she offers you a cruise ship, it doesn’t mean that the travel agent has been to the cruise ship before to make them more familiar with. It is better for you to ask as many questions as possible if you are interested in his or her offers. Later on you have to compare his answers with what your findings in the website of the cruise ship.
·         A travel agent will not tell you about the permission of cancellation and refund because he or she really wants you to do the travelling for the sake of the bonuses he or she will get. So, if you really have to cancel your trip, feel free to do that.
·         A travel agent will push you to buy travel insurance because he or she will get commission from the insurance company. Well, if you have already had insurance or credit cards that will cover your lost belongings, what is the travel insurance for?
How about that? Travel agents are indeed helping people--they usually take care of their clients well. However knowing these important things about a travel agent that are usually hidden are indeed beneficial, don’t you think so? Are you ready to travel with a travel agent’s help? Happy travelling!

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