Myths about Travel Agents

The world seems getting smaller and smaller since many parts of the world are connected with modern transportation support. At the same time, people are also able to access information about certain place which is far from their home easily using the internet. Once people read information about a great place to go, it must be easier for them to reach that place using the modern transportation support. Nevertheless, travel agent is always there for helping people planning for their trip. With the appearance of online booking support, the travel agent position does not sound safe. In fact, there are some myths about travel agent which people have ever heard.

Online Booking Sites Do Travel Agent’s Job
Online booking sites make people able to book the accommodation for their travel easily so it seems like the travel agent job can be replaced by online booking site. In fact, the options range offered by the online booking sire is very limited sure to the personal relationship with the partner company for instance. Online booking sites will never help the customers for solving the problem which can appear during travel. Anytime there is crisis situation, people can contact travel agent for help.

More Cost with Travel Agent
Many people think that there will be more money which must be spent when they use the service from travel agent. It can be wrong actually because the information about the saving or special sales from the airlines will be informed to the travel agents first. Discounted or private fare which cannot be found on the websites can be accessed by the travel agent. Travel agent is human. It means that people will be able to get the advice for lowering down the trip cost. When they have to cancel or change their trip, the travel agent will offer the guide for refund and change policies.

Leisure Travel Only
It is pretty common when people think that travel agent can only be used anytime they want to take the leisure travel. In fact, people can find the specialization of service which can be offered by different travel agent. Some travel agents offer the business travel specialization service for instance. However, people can also find the travel agent with specialization in humanitarian trip. One thing, people will be able to get the best support from the travel agent if they are able to find the travel agent with specialization which is suitable with their need.

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