Best Reasons Why Become Travel Agent is Dream Job

Best Reasons Why Become Travel Agent is Dream Job
It is true, when you There are no other dream jobs such as travel agent that offer you benefit for travel in luxury in free. With travel agent, you no need any training or specialist education for job that make you travel in famous place. Here are best reasons that why travel agent becomes is the best dream job. 

The first is you might do not have any great payment in a year. According US Bureau of Labor and Statistic, the average per year travel agent earning is about $35.000. But even with this dream job, you can travel around the world in free. Second, you will have your payment in commission, so with this means, you are the marketing. Your main job is promote the accommodation for travel such as hotel and excursions that make you get paid from the commission when you book it for your client. When you have enough clients to handle, you can develop your skill as independent travel agent. This means that you are working for yourself but still affiliate with the host travel agency. As independent travel agent, you will lose the base salary but the 80% commission fee is become your rights and other 20% become the hosts company. The next pros are everyone is able to become travel agent. You do not need to pass any requirement of certification, 

After you become travel agent, next important step that you need to known is you need to make great niche for your travel agent. There are no one that able to develop their knowledge for entire world. Therefore, focus to one determination and make you abs the most successful travel agent in your field. Traveling becomes the regular part from your job, but it is not vacation for you. You need to try anything that you will promote to your client. Learn the developed features and many more. Next, when you learn your travel book, it will be like you learn new language. It si true,when you go to new place, you will learn new language as you will need to guide your client. You also will see the hotel reps as your colleague now when you go to their hotel. They will be your bridge to know their new features, discount and promotes. Therefore, if you love to ravel, adventure, become an travel agent might be your best option to become your job.

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