Are You Sure You Want To Be a Travel Agent?

You love travelling, right? You also often get helps regarding your travelling from a travel agent, right? But, have you ever paid attention to what a travel agent really does? What are a travel agent’s responsibilities? What do you know about this kind of job? Do you think it is easy to be a travel agent? Are you interested to be a travel agent? How can we do that?
A travel agent in a nutshell
1. Travel Agents’ Responsibilities:
·         They arrange vacation and business travels for their customers
·         They plan vacation for family, colleagues, other groups
·         They look for means of transportation’s schedules and their ticket prices
·         They book tickets for transportation and reserve accommodation
·         They explain kinds of trips to their customers including the weathers, attractions, and customs of the places their customers want to visit.
·         They decide the price of every trip to pay by their customers
·         They prepare some alternatives if changes come up
·         Etc.
2. Travel Agents’ Education Background.
When we talk about education background, it depends on the situation. If you want to work for yourself, you don’t need any certain education background just register yourself in a kind of training related to travelling arrangement, but if you work for an agency, you have to possess a certificate showing you have travel plan classes you have followed. Travel plan classes usually include marketing, system of reservation, regulation about international travelling, tourism, etc.
3. Travel Agents’ Working Environment and Schedules
Travel agents may work in an office and they may work outdoor with laptop and smart phones taking care of things needed in travelling. They often have to face emergencies and changes. This sometimes makes the job look stressful. However, this kind of job is enjoyable. Most of travel agents work full time and during holiday, they work with additional hours.
4. Special qualities travel agents should possess
·         A special skill to communicate well with customers. A great travel agent should be able to listen to his or her customers’ needs and desires. If customers ask questions, a good travel agent should prepare satisfactory answers. A travel agent should know how to respond to complaints politely and professionally.
·         A special skill to persuade customers to be to buy his or her products, such as tours, flights, insurance, accommodation, etc. He or she also has to know how to deal with airline staff, tour operator, and other people who will ease his or her jobs nicely ad professionally.
·         A special skill to arrange itineraries and explain the itineraries to the customers well and in order.
·         A special knowledge of tourist spots both local and international and other places which are still hidden to offer to potential customers. He or she needs to explore those places first to make them easy to explain and to offer to their customers. In short, a travel agent needs to be knowledgeable and adventurous at the same time.
5. Job Prospects of Travel Agents
As long as people need to travel, travel agents are always needed by people. Not all people need a travel agent of course, but in society there are always important and busy people who need people to do things for them including travel agents.
What do you think? Are you interested to quit your current job and try your luck to be a travel agent working for agencies or for yourself? One thing for sure, you have to really love adventures and travelling if you want to be a great travel agent and make a lot of money by being one. Good Luck!

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