Travel Agent vs Booking Online, Which is the best?

Before the internet era, people went to travel agent and trust them to plan their travel trips. Nowadays the convenience of internet makes people prefer to plan their trips by themselves. By internet they can choose the available price from various airlines and hotels that can meet their budget and needs. However there are still many consumers too who are willingly to pay extra amount of money for travel agents to provide them the amazing trips. So which is the best, travel agent or booking online? Which method is suit you the best?
The convenience
If you choose to book online by yourself, you have to spend an endless hours in front of your computer to search all aspects of your trips like transportations, hotel, meals, routes, exciting places to visit and so on. It might look like complicated but once you browse you would find yourself exciting more and more of your trips and your knowledge about the destination place would increase. While by using travel agent you can save your time and you can get the package deals with the best price which only travel agents can provide. However the downside of the travel agent is you will get too dependent on the travel agent.
The fees
Booking online fees are a little low but you have to check the airlines deals every day in order to get the affordable price. While travel agents set the fees for their services a little high but they give you several perks that you would never find by booking online.
The experience
The good travel agents should have a lot of experiences with all destination places which clients would go around the world. That way they can give their client recommendation places and advices how to stay in those places. They also can advocate their clients to solve any problems in foreign places. While in booking online you have to depend on yourself if you meet any problems. But it can expand your experience in solving problems and it gives you more memorable trips.
The destinations
When you plan to go to foreign, rural or exotic places, you might not find thorough information on internet. The booking websites might not give you the directed journey to your destination or they even cannot provide you the route to your destination. While travel agents might have more knowledge to those foreign places since they have more experience and connections to easier reach the destination.
In conclusion, we cannot say that booking online is the best or travel agent is the best. Since they each have advantages and disadvantages that outstand one another. It is up to you to choose which one is suit you the best according to the time, budget and occasion you have.

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