How to care for long hair so fast

Long hairstyles are indeed much liked by many people because it has a charm that is quite impressive. So far the development of the model of long hair style is very impressive and very much once the model long hairstyles that can serve as your latest hairstyle inspiration.

Having long hair is not only beautiful, behind it all there is arguably sufficient care is not so easy. The extra care and attention will make beautiful hair stay awake. Keep in mind also, that long hair is very easy to fall and branching. For that needed extra attention and care.

However, what if the condition of a person with short hair who would like to have long hair quickly? human hair growth every day increased by 0, 33 mm or up to 1 to 1, 5 mm/month. For that there are some things that must be done to best care for the hair so that the long fast.
  1. Eat foods that contain protein such as meat, eggs and milk that can accelerate the production of hair. The protein that produces amino will drive the keratin in the hair. So make faster hair growth.
  2. Avoid the use of tools such as the hairdryer or the like which may issue of heat energy that naturally inhibit the growth of hair. In addition the use of tools such as the above, it can also make a quick hair loss, dry and unhealthy.
  3. Use of traditional natural ingredients so that hair long fast in a way making it a mask on hair. Pretty easy, just a few steps ago pelu apply on the hair with a certain amount of time.

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