5 Signs Women Fertile Period

5 Signs Women Fertile Period - For a woman, their fertility generally begins around age 12 to 48 years. Do you already know about your fertile period? If not, the following information on how to get pregnant fast will discuss the signs of woman's fertile period. Hopefully these simple tips can help

5 Signs Fertile Period Women

1. Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Women who have regular menstrual cycles each month they are usually very fertile.Each menstrual cycle begins on the first day of the release of red patches up to the day before the next menstruation. The normal menstrual cycle usually lasts for 28-30 days. Well, the normal menstrual cycle can be used as the first signs to recognize whether a woman is fertile or not.

2. Ovulation Test Equipment

Ovulation Test Tool is a tool to record fertility (ovulation thermometer) can also be used as a means to track down a woman's fertility. Fertility thermometer works by recording changes in basal body temperature when women release an egg ready to be fertilized. If the seed of the egg out, then the thermometer will record the temperature rise to 0.2 degrees Celsius, which lasted for 10 days. But if there is no change in body temperature during the fertile period, it indicates that the woman is not fertile.

3. Do Blood Tests

Blood Test For women who have irregular menstrual cycles, for example the menstrual cycles periods coming for 3 months or even 6 months, the women who got experienced anything like this, they are usually infertile. If the conditions are like this, blood tests may be done to find out what the cause is not normal menstrual cycle. The benefits of this blood test is to determine the condition of hormones that have a role in a woman's fertility.

4. Physical Examination

In addition, find out if a woman is fertile or not can be seen from the organ. Organs such as the breast, reproductive organs, and the thyroid gland in the neck. Thyroxine hormone released by the thyroid gland in excess can disrupt the process of releasing eggs. Breast examination is intended to determine the content of Prolactin, which if its content is too high, it will interfere with the process of spending the ovum / egg. While the reproductive system also needs to be examined to find out whether or not a normal reproductive system.

5. Medical Record
Medical Record needs for women who have had experience miscarriage, whether intentional or not, they are more likely to be infected by bacteria in the reproductive tract. Germs that can cause damage and blockage in the reproductive tract. Therefore, the medical records of women who had experienced a miscarriage is also noteworthy.
Women Fertile Period

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