Considering a Career as a Travel Agent?

Young people who love travelling may consider a travel agent as his or her career. Why not? It is one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Those who are interested in making a travel agent as a career need to gain knowledge about how to be a travel agent more and more.
How to be a travel agent
·                     You need to know that travel agency owners look for candidates having education related to travel industry like professional travel planning class focuses on marketing, reservation system, and regulation of international travel. You can search schools, colleges, or universities that offer travel and tourism degrees and register yourself.
·                     You need to know responsibilities of a travel agent which includes:
1.             Travelling to tourist spots both local and abroad as often as it can be.
2.             Searching new tourist spots as many as possible.
3.             Arranging business and vacation travel for customers.
4.             Planning tour packages.
5.             Booking reservation for accommodation and transportation.
6.             Describing documents needed to travel abroad.
7.             Describing tourist places in detail.
8.             Finding the best alternatives if something happens. Calculating travel costs.
9.             Etc.
·                     Know types of travel agency. There are two types of travel agencies: leisure travel agency, the one that offers vacation packages, and the corporate travel agency, the one that arranges travel for business.
·                     Know the workplace and schedule of a travel agent. A travel agent sometimes works at the office sometimes outside the office. A travel agent may work every day, on weekend and on holiday because those are the best time to travel for vacation.
·                     Know that they will be trainings to upgrade skills and knowledge, like reservation system of airlines.
Those people who already have degrees and education but want to be travel agents anyway, it is fine. They can be self-employed. Undoubtedly, they need certifications before becoming a travel agent. To have certification they need to take a test called Travel Agent Proficiency Test. After becoming a travel agent, they can upgrade their degree by having classes and tests to become Certified Travel Associate followed by test to have certification to be Certified Travel Counselor. These certifications have to be renewed every year. There are some associations that offer trainings and courses to be a professional travel agent as well. All you have to do is get as much information as possible. You need to be adventurous and good in communicating with people so you won’t have difficulties explaining tourist spots, handling complaints, giving information, and answering questions from the clients. You also need to have skill in promoting yourself, persuading clients to buy your tour packages, and persuading other tour operators or airline stuff to make your job work well. 
Now you have information on everything regarding to a travel agent. Good luck if you want to be a travel agent, one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

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  1. New business has some risks to establish. There are many job sectors in the world. Travel agent could be a good and perfect job for the people who like to make travel in most of the time. The customer service research paper is helpful for those people who will start to open a travel agent business.But they should know something to make the travel more enjoyable and interesting to the tourist.


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