Characteristics of the Best Travel Agent

It seems to be easy now to travel without travel agents to help. So much information about tourist spots, transportation, tickets, accommodation, etc we can get easily from internet. You think that you may save money and energy to travel without travel agents. In short, there are many reasons for you not to use travel agents’ service.
Reasons for not using travel agent service:
·                     Too expensive
·                     Too stick to the itinerary
·                     Not enough time to enjoy the places you wish to visit because the travel agent have to take you to many places
·                     Too afraid to have different facilities promised by travel agents
·                     Etc.
You may be right. However, if you want to travel to multi countries for vacation with family and friends, you will definitely need a travel agent. There many things you don’t know about travelling abroad. There are requirement, terms, conditions that you need to meet to travel abroad, especially if you are with your family. It is only travel agents that can help you with things needed for and in travelling abroad. Learn about the best travel agents right away if you have a plan to take your family to spend holiday abroad.
How can we know that travel agents are the best of all?
·                     If they have good relationship with major airlines and companies providing private charters. Meaning, the airlines and companies offer the best price for us because of their good relationship.
·                     If they have good relationship with five-star hotels offering luxurious service. If we book online accommodation, do you think it is possible for you to get discount? The best travel agent is possible to make the hotels give you discount and other complimentary extra gifts and services. They also make us possible to upgrade the service of the hotel easily. They are even easy to provide hotel rooms for us who come with big family. They are also able to search the best hotel near the events we want to watch.
·                     If they make us possible to enjoy a certain place or performance even if the tickets are sold out. With their good relationship with the enterprises or organizers they are easy to make reservation for us.
·                     If they offer us not only the common itinerary but also the itinerary that matches our desires to go, enjoy or visit other places.
·                     If they know well about cities and locals and they offer to enjoy them with unusual ways.
·                     If they know how to handle problems. For instance, if there is something wrong with the plane or cruise ship they plan for us, they will change the plane quickly with the service that makes us feel comfortable. It seems they always have plan B.
·                     If they are able to make customers’ frequent flyer miles into something great. They can turn or upgrade them into first class, business, etc. Undoubtedly, it is not possible if you do it by yourself.
What do you think? Now you are more confident to travel abroad with your family after being informed about the characteristics of the best travel agent, right? Good Luck!


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