The Things that Make a Travel Agent Successful

Like any other jobs, travel agents have some challenges to be conquered so they can thrive in nowadays environment. The convenience of internet makes travelers easy to find and research about travel agent. If a travel agent does not have certain things like what we are going to discuss, the chance for him/her getting successful would be low. Here are those things that make a travel agent successful.
Be an expert
Being a travel agent does not mean you have to know all tourism destinations in the world. It is much better to be an expert in few destinations than to know all destinations but only in general knowledge. Before travelers choose the agency, they have been researched all information about their destinations. When they finally go to your agency, they see you as an expert to help them giving more information that they missed out so they can travel in convenience and safety.
As a travel agent you have to be reliable for your clients. What should you do? You should give accurate information not only about travelers’ destinations but also what travelers should do and don’t, give detail information about trip activities in timely manner. When you are showing reliable traits, your clients will trust you and are likely giving references of you to other people.
Travel agent is a sales marketing job. If you do not enthusiastic about your jobs, how can you show about the excited places in the world to your clients? Be passionate so you can please your clients and show them what a wonderful place their destinations are.
Be different with other travel agents so potential clients will remember you. You can make your site unique or you give personalized service at the first time potential clients contact you via phone or chat online. That way they will instantly choose you as their travel agency.
Build special package
In order to make you different from any other travel agency, you should build special package that clients would never find in other agency. The more unique experience and the more access you can get for your clients in the destination places, more potential clients would interest to you.
Know what clients want
Most people who choose to use travel agent are people with more money than time. They expect their travel agent understand what they want and can handle all the aspects on their trips. If their expectations do not be fulfill, they would not be coming back to your agency and the bad words about the agency would spread.

Holiday Programs Offered by Reputable Travel Agents

If you have a lot of money to spend on your next holiday, you will have to find a travel agent that offers you interesting and unforgettable experiences. You don’t want to have common holiday spending but you want something special and specific. Don’t worry you can always search travel agents offering your desires on their websites or ask for friends’ recommendation to have detail information. A reputable travel agent offering five-star facilities will have specific programs for holiday.
Possible programs that travel agents may offer:
1. Beach holiday, where we can do activities such as:
·                     Reading novels or books under a big giant tree
·                     Lying down on sands
·                     Drinking various of fruit cocktails by the beach
·                     Snorkeling and diving
·                     Doing other water sports
·                     Swimming
2. City Breaks, where we can do activities, such as:
·                     Visiting museums, and famous landmarks.
·                     Visiting famous shopping places.
·                     Visiting famous cafes, bars and restaurants
·                     Enjoying night life of the cities
3. Cruise Holiday, where we can do activities, such as:
·                     Seeing the world while having and enjoying the best services of a comfortable yacht.
4. Private Tours with experienced tour leaders, where we can do activities, such as
·                     Exploring a certain place privately
·                     Enjoying night life
·                     Visiting places uneasy to reach
·                     Enjoying performances or sport events
5. Family Holiday, where we and our family can do activities, such as:
·                     Being together with family at the beach
·                     Eating local food at local restaurants providing healthy food for kids
·                     Camping
·                     Cycling to explore the place with family.
6. Holiday for people who want to have healthy wellbeing and mind. This kind of holiday is for people considering their health is a valuable investment. The activities are all regarding health and done a certain place that are quiet and peaceful. Clients are usually accompanied by physician and wellness experts.
7. Honeymoon Holiday, where couples will possible to have activities, such as:
·                     Having romantic dinners in a place that looks romantic such as by the beach, by a luxurious swimming pool with some musicians playing romantic songs.
·                     Having romantic spa treatments.
8. Safari Holiday, where we can enjoy the beauty of natures. It is such an adventurous holiday to see rare and almost extinct flora and fauna with your own eyes. You won’t ever forget for the rest of your life if you have this kind of holiday.
9. Ski Holiday, where we can do skiing in famous places for skiing. You will be equipped with safe and special gears, and will be accompanied by ski experts as guide and coach.
10. Train Travelling. Enjoying interesting places while sitting at a luxurious train is so great. Mountains, tunnels, cities, can be explored inside the train. This must be your unforgettable experience for sure.
Are you ready to spend a lot of money for your holiday? Hopefully this article about travel agent will inspire you to plan such unforgettable holiday.

Considering a Career as a Travel Agent?

Young people who love travelling may consider a travel agent as his or her career. Why not? It is one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Those who are interested in making a travel agent as a career need to gain knowledge about how to be a travel agent more and more.
How to be a travel agent
·                     You need to know that travel agency owners look for candidates having education related to travel industry like professional travel planning class focuses on marketing, reservation system, and regulation of international travel. You can search schools, colleges, or universities that offer travel and tourism degrees and register yourself.
·                     You need to know responsibilities of a travel agent which includes:
1.             Travelling to tourist spots both local and abroad as often as it can be.
2.             Searching new tourist spots as many as possible.
3.             Arranging business and vacation travel for customers.
4.             Planning tour packages.
5.             Booking reservation for accommodation and transportation.
6.             Describing documents needed to travel abroad.
7.             Describing tourist places in detail.
8.             Finding the best alternatives if something happens. Calculating travel costs.
9.             Etc.
·                     Know types of travel agency. There are two types of travel agencies: leisure travel agency, the one that offers vacation packages, and the corporate travel agency, the one that arranges travel for business.
·                     Know the workplace and schedule of a travel agent. A travel agent sometimes works at the office sometimes outside the office. A travel agent may work every day, on weekend and on holiday because those are the best time to travel for vacation.
·                     Know that they will be trainings to upgrade skills and knowledge, like reservation system of airlines.
Those people who already have degrees and education but want to be travel agents anyway, it is fine. They can be self-employed. Undoubtedly, they need certifications before becoming a travel agent. To have certification they need to take a test called Travel Agent Proficiency Test. After becoming a travel agent, they can upgrade their degree by having classes and tests to become Certified Travel Associate followed by test to have certification to be Certified Travel Counselor. These certifications have to be renewed every year. There are some associations that offer trainings and courses to be a professional travel agent as well. All you have to do is get as much information as possible. You need to be adventurous and good in communicating with people so you won’t have difficulties explaining tourist spots, handling complaints, giving information, and answering questions from the clients. You also need to have skill in promoting yourself, persuading clients to buy your tour packages, and persuading other tour operators or airline stuff to make your job work well. 
Now you have information on everything regarding to a travel agent. Good luck if you want to be a travel agent, one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

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Characteristics of the Best Travel Agent

It seems to be easy now to travel without travel agents to help. So much information about tourist spots, transportation, tickets, accommodation, etc we can get easily from internet. You think that you may save money and energy to travel without travel agents. In short, there are many reasons for you not to use travel agents’ service.
Reasons for not using travel agent service:
·                     Too expensive
·                     Too stick to the itinerary
·                     Not enough time to enjoy the places you wish to visit because the travel agent have to take you to many places
·                     Too afraid to have different facilities promised by travel agents
·                     Etc.
You may be right. However, if you want to travel to multi countries for vacation with family and friends, you will definitely need a travel agent. There many things you don’t know about travelling abroad. There are requirement, terms, conditions that you need to meet to travel abroad, especially if you are with your family. It is only travel agents that can help you with things needed for and in travelling abroad. Learn about the best travel agents right away if you have a plan to take your family to spend holiday abroad.
How can we know that travel agents are the best of all?
·                     If they have good relationship with major airlines and companies providing private charters. Meaning, the airlines and companies offer the best price for us because of their good relationship.
·                     If they have good relationship with five-star hotels offering luxurious service. If we book online accommodation, do you think it is possible for you to get discount? The best travel agent is possible to make the hotels give you discount and other complimentary extra gifts and services. They also make us possible to upgrade the service of the hotel easily. They are even easy to provide hotel rooms for us who come with big family. They are also able to search the best hotel near the events we want to watch.
·                     If they make us possible to enjoy a certain place or performance even if the tickets are sold out. With their good relationship with the enterprises or organizers they are easy to make reservation for us.
·                     If they offer us not only the common itinerary but also the itinerary that matches our desires to go, enjoy or visit other places.
·                     If they know well about cities and locals and they offer to enjoy them with unusual ways.
·                     If they know how to handle problems. For instance, if there is something wrong with the plane or cruise ship they plan for us, they will change the plane quickly with the service that makes us feel comfortable. It seems they always have plan B.
·                     If they are able to make customers’ frequent flyer miles into something great. They can turn or upgrade them into first class, business, etc. Undoubtedly, it is not possible if you do it by yourself.
What do you think? Now you are more confident to travel abroad with your family after being informed about the characteristics of the best travel agent, right? Good Luck!

Running a Travel Agent Business Online

Are you tired of your job and thinking about running your own business? Do you want to have your own business but you don’t know what business to run? Do you want to run your own business but you don’t know where to start since you have only little capital? You who love travelling and have experience in travelling, why don’t you start to run online travel agent business? Here is the guidance below.
How to start a travel agent business online:
·                     Prepare a computer set or laptop in a good condition and performance that connected to internet with the best connection.
·                     Find the best online master agent and have special software for program and operating system for ticket booking online. For sure, there are requirement that you need to meet and if you agree with all the requirement, terms, and condition, you will have this software.
·                     Name your business with a meaningful and catchy name. It is a must because your clients will be easy to find your business website.
·                     It is good if you love travelling. The business will run well if it is in accordance with your passion. You will have extra energy to do the business you love. A travel lover usually knows other travel lovers, so it will be easier to find clients.
·                     Make your online business as interesting as possible by giving reasonable discount, promo price, and special price for package, etc. Don’t forget to tell the term and condition as well otherwise you will end up in bankruptcy.
·                     Manage your profit well until you are able to buy or rent a place of business. Offline business place will definitely make your online business even bigger. Clients will trust you more. Passers-by wanting to travel who unintentionally see your business place will come to your place and if you are good in handling them, they will be your loyal customers. Pay attention to the place; find the place that is full of potential customers.
·                     Nurture your relationship with people and expand your network by becoming a member of business community, organization, etc. This will make you meet potential partners or investors. Partners and investors will make your business even bigger, right?
·                     Customer service is one of the keys to the success of online business. Have a customer service that will make your customers and potential customers happy. They cannot wait for your respond too long. Have a-24-hour customer service is great, so try to have it.
We know that running an online business is not a piece of cake. It definitely takes many things to be successful. However, if you don’t try how can you know that your business will be hard or successful? Nothing ventured, nothing gained is the wise words you need to keep in mind. Take a look at the examples of the negative characters in starting a business online.
Negative characters that prevent you from being successful in online travel agent business
·                     Lazy to make yourself be well-informed about online business
·                     Cannot focus on the online business field. To change online business all the time will prevent you from being successful. We may follow the trend, but make sure you know that the business to run must be loved and nurtured. It is not only about to get profit quickly. It’s for our future.
·                     Impatient and give up easily. Any business you run will be unsuccessful if you are impatient and give up easily. Be strong if you want to be successful in online business.
Be an employee if you think that online business is too tough for you. The choice is all yours. It is hoped that the article about travel agent will get people wanting to have online business inspired to try their luck right away.

How to Select the Best Travel Agent

Spending holiday with family is very important to do. Togetherness, fun activities, and interesting places will make us feel fresh again after having lots of work. It is not an easy thing to do to prepare our family holiday. There are many things to prepare. Thank God we don’t have to do that by ourselves now, there are travel agents who can prepare everything we need before, during, and after holiday. We all know that travel agents are springing like mushrooms; we are confused of how to pick the best one. Don’t worry because there is a guidance to select the best travel agent for us.
Things to consider before choosing travel agents:
·                     Know the specialization of the travel agents. Some travel agents are special to take care of religious travel, some travel agents are special to take care of holiday abroad, some travel agents are special for local holiday, etc. Know what we need, classify the travel agents and learn more about the travel agents taking care of holiday.
·                     Travel agents always nurture relationship with hotels, motels, inns, and other kinds of places to stay. Choose the most reputable ones, and ask about good travel agents that often work with them.
·                     If you have friends who love travelling, you can ask for their recommended travel agents as well. We can gain a lot of information from them.
·                     After we find some travel agents suitable for us, we can learn more about them by visiting their website. We can see if they are professional in taking care of travelers by the way they display all information, related pictures, and explanation travelers may need. If they are full of information travelers may need, pick the one that the best of all.
·                     Before we visit or call the travel agent, it is suggested to list all the things we need in traveling, the places we want to visit, attraction, accommodation, transportation, etc. This list will make us easy to ask information as much as we need.
After we have found the most suitable travel agent for us don’t just get happy and register yourself and your family as their clients right away. There are more things to learn deeper.
Things offered by a travel agent to learn more
·                     Learn and ask about facilities, accommodation, transportation, and other things included in the facilities. See if there are things that are not included in the facilities, so later you can prepare cash for that. For example, the travel agent only gives us facility to take us to a certain tourist site but we have to pay by ourselves to enter the place, etc.
·                     Learn well about the routes and the itinerary they prepare for us. Ask if we can modify the itinerary and go with our family to the places we want to visit but are not on the list of the itinerary. If it is fine with them, it is suggested to ask for a tour leader to accompany you and your family. So your holiday with your family will be spent effectively and safely.
Are you ready to spend your holiday with your family? Hope the article about tour agent will make your holiday plan go smoothly.

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